Get Ready to Banish the Bullsh!t and Find Success (On Your Own Terms).

Get Ready to Banish the Bullsh!t and Find Success (On Your Own Terms).

Feeling stuck and unsure about your future? Congratulations! That means you are ready for bigger and better things.

What are we waiting for?

Here’s how I can help!

How Confident Would You Feel If You…

How Confident Would You Feel If You…

  • Knew exactly where to step next on your path through life

  • No longer let the failures and regrets of the past hold you back

  • Turned your pain into mind blowing personal growth and success

This is the dream, but right now:

This is the dream, but right now:

You feel like you’re wading through the sea of life, struggling to find purpose and meaning. Despite trying to do everything “right,” joy feels like it is always just out of your reach. Sure, you screw up sometimes *cough, cough – okay, maybe more than sometimes.*

Isn’t that part of being a real person, though?

Oh, and while we are at it, who the hell is steering this boat and how do we have them ousted because… DAMN?  Shouldn’t we know more by now?

You’ve been walking through life on eggshells waiting for the real journey to begin, working towards a dream that feels unattainable… come to think of it – is it even YOUR dream?

Google isn’t answering the questions that we really want to know.

“Okay, Google, what the hell am supposed to be doing with my life? While we are at it, Google, am I the only one who feels this way?”

A part of us longs to let the real version of ourselves out (when can we finally let that freak flag fly!?) We’re so tired of the fake shit we have to keep up to make ourselves passable for others.

What if we are rejected?

Worse, what if the “real us” will steal the achievements, the perfect life, and the opportunities that finally make us feel enough?

I know the feeling, and I’m f*cking sick of it. You should be too! If there is a Facebook group for Enthusiasts of Social Wasps, isn’t there room for the sincerest parts of who we are?

Don’t worry, things are about to look up:

Don’t worry, things are about to look up:

There IS a way to feel empowered and achieve YOUR wildest dreams. Screw those achievements everyone else told you are important. That shit is boring, and you are better than that.

You can be responsible, imperfect, complex, AND have fun.

Get ready to rewrite the rules for success
(without worrying about other people’s expectations)

Get ready to rewrite the rules for success
(without worrying about other people’s expectations)

Are you done cock-blocking your own happiness? It’s time to let go of:

  • Confusion over what you want to be when you grow up. Is it okay to change your mind when you’re knee-deep on a particular path?
  • Feeling that everyone else has it all figured out while you’re still stuck in the weeds.
  • The struggle of wanting to be successful but feeling like you will never measure up or be enough.
  • Emotional gymnastics you endure when deciding what is most important to YOU, what you believe is actually possible, and how to overcome all the sh!t you’ve lived through so far.

I’m passionate about helping people like you uncover success while being your most authentic self.

I have messed up in life – big time. I have just decided it’s time to own it, make amends and stop torturing myself. I’m learning what is truly important to me.  As part of my journey to an honest life, I wrote the book, Successful as F*ck: A No BS Tale of Screwing Up and Succeeding Anyway.  

Successful as F*ck is a raw, unfiltered look into defining and redefining success according to the only person worth a damn: you.

Ready for Story Time?

Choose Your Adventure

All paths lead to bomb-ass clarity, confidence, and a more deeply fulfilling life.

All paths lead to bomb-ass clarity, confidence, and a more deeply fulfilling life.

Crushin’ It Consulting:

Transform Your Mind. Crush Your Goals.

Are you constantly tripping over bumps in the road that you swore weren’t even there a second ago? Every time you think your dreams are within reach, something stands in the way on your road to greatness.

Not anymore.

My 1-on-1 coaching helps you take a deep dive into your life and provides direction where you need it most. Stop worrying about your future and step into certainty.

The most precious currency in life is pure joy. Jingle that in your pocket enough, and you’ll be Successful as F*ck.


Authentic & Spirited Speaking:

An Honest Space to Redefine Your Success

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part.

Let’s kickstart a raw discussion about what is holding us back from embracing the life we have been given and finding the path we want. These talks are for you and your group if you are interested in getting to the heart of:

  • Creating Success on Our Own Terms
  • Overcoming Our Perfectionism
  • Resiliency and Tenacity
  • Reclaiming Our Sense of Self

About Me

About Me

Riah Gonzalez | Unconventional Success Expert & Ring Leader of the Successful as F*ck Community

Hi, that’s me! I’m an author, speaker, mom, and the proud female founder of Linq Consulting Solutions, a Virtual Assistant Matchmaking Company.

Look, I get it. Work is hard. Life feels harder. Can we get real for a second?

You are walking around with years worth of stories in your noggin’ and a tug at your heart that says you’ll never be enough. I believe that when we’re ready to roll with life’s punches, we start to realize that a ton of them are actually high fives from the universe. I’ve lived a lifetime of stories – some of them rad, some of them sad. The best part is I am not a one-and-done tale – I’m rewriting this bitch, and you can too.

Are you ready to kick the urge to diminish your own success story to the curb and build the no-BS life of your dreams?

I’ve got your back. Let’s do this.

Pssst… Have You Heard All The Juicy Goss’ About Riah?

Riah’s efficiency in making decisions and taking action, willingness to think outside the box, creative brainstorming and quickness to pick up concepts blew my mind! Plus, she was a joy to work with – positive, intelligent, service focused, appreciative and warm. Her ability to make people feel valued and motivated is a great asset to any situation. She certainly enriched the experience for me and continues to show me that our connection is important to her.

Erin Keam, Marketing & Mentoring, Podcast

Riah is exactly what I needed! After describing the pain points I face with my business and clients for less than 10 minutes, Riah somehow beautifully connected the dots that were floating around in my head into a vision for my products and actionable steps to get there. No matter where you are at, you’ll benefit more than you knew was possible from Success Consulting with Riah! She’ll be a huge part of my success arsenal from now on!

Jessica Day, MSc, PMP, Project & Program Management | Strategy | Science Communications