Think you are too old for a rebel secret-ninja club? Wrong. The Successful AF Community is for anyone who is ready to tell their inner asshole to kick rocks and live their best life.

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SAF Community is an insider-group, with vetted members and exclusive members-only access to events, trainings, and thoughtful, and sometimes dorky, conversation.

Facebook and Instagram, who? Disconnect from the noise and pressure of social media and dive into a kick-ass space with like-minded people.

The Successful AF Community isn’t for everyone. There are amazing places on the internet to have debates, but this isn’t one of them.

Respectful dialogue is encouraged, but this is a 🚫 zero-tolerance zone for intolerance 👎Likewise, there are no promotions or selling allowed in the SAF community. We want to celebrate 🎉and connect with YOU – not your business or your job.

You should join if:

✅You like seeing the humor in the daily workings of life

✅You have been craving a group where you can be the real you without fear of judgment

✅You are ready to celebrate the REAL stuff. [/ put pants on today!! Q)

So yeah. It’s exclusive because we only want members who are as badass 🤟as you. Got some cool friends? If they pass your test, we’d be happy to teach ‘em the super secret club handshake 🤝    It’s ok-a-lee dok-a-lee to invite them in too.

💥 Underdogs and overachievers unite! 💥  See you on the inside. 💗

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