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Episode 10 – If I Could Host My Dream Guest, Who Would It Be?

In this special mini-episode, our host Riah goes solo as she talks about her dream collaboration -- Gary Vee! Today, we get to see Gary Vaynerchuck in Riah’s eyes and discover how he has inspired her to be the force that she is now. Most importantly, we discover why he has to be on this podcast as soon as possible!
Who is Gary Vaynerchuck?
Gary is a worldwide influencer who built his career during one of the most difficult times in the economy. He pioneered e-commerce by selling wine online from his father’s liquor business. He is now the chairman of a modern-day media and communications company, as well as the CEO of a full-service advertising agency.
Gary is all about taking risks in new ventures and is one of the most sought-after public speakers of our time.
Why Gary Vee?
He Speaks About Hard Work and Leaving a Legacy
For Gary, the ultimate goal is to leave a legacy on this planet. He believes that in order to build a product or service that people will become loyal to, you’ll have to put in hard work. Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight. But if does, how sustainable are you?
He Speaks (Extensively!) About Serving With Heart
“You can be a winner and a sweetheart!”
Gary encourages everyone to go the extra mile, to always do the right thing and to develop relationships. To him, it is possible to build lasting relationships and still make money.
There is absolutely no reason to treat other people unkindly because it is always better to serve with heart -- and isn’t this what this podcast is all about?
He Believes In Connecting With The Public
“Call somebody up and tell them ‘Thank you!’ for being your client.”
“Do something specifically to make somebody’s day.”
These are just a few of the tips coming from Gary’s text community. He reaches out in a way that other influencers don’t, he encourages everyone to pay it forward and do something out of the box every now and then.
Riah On Creating a Legacy
Gary is playing for legacy, and so am I.
My goal is to create a world where we serve our clients to the HIGHEST level, RE-ENGAGE with people, and offer services with LOVE.
My hope is that everyone I touch with my business would be in a better place.
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