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Episode 10 with Alison Croswait

Yeah... we went there. Alison shares her story of going from Wall Street to Psychotherapist, to now a Transformational Guide using the medicine of Psychedelics! She shares the highs, the lows, and the biggest fuck up that ended up transforming her life. 

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About Alison:  She spent 15 years as a trader and researcher in capital markets. She then spent almost a decade as a psychotherapist in private practice.  Her own healing journey called her beyond psychotherapy and in 2020 she stepped away from her practice to become a guide.  Now she holds space for full-being transformation.  She is an advocate for psychedelic healing facilitated with preparation, integration, and integrity.  Alison knows from personal experience that full joy and juice are possible when we commit fully to ourselves. Psychedelic medicine can play a crucial role in our current collective challenges by building our strength and resilience, helping us welcome challenges and transmuting them into power and growth, and by broadening our perspective on the events of our lives.

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