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Episode 11 – You Are Not Supposed To Be There

Welcome to our very first “televised” and “internet-lized” episode!
I have nothing but gratitude for having my good friend Wendy Sterling with me today. With her help, we all get a closer look at one of life’s realities...
No matter where you are and what you have achieved, life will sometimes level you. Life will derail you. So then how do you pick up the pieces?
Wendy shares her journey about how she turned a life-shattering experience into an opportunity that not only helped her, but now allows her to reach out to other women and help them push through their pain as they become their most confident, positive, energetic and sassiest selves yet!
A bit about Wendy…

Establishing her career as a top-level advertising sales executive in the digital space, at the world’s most progressive social and lifestyle website brands (such as Who What Wear and Refinery29), Wendy Sterling had it all… successful career, two beautiful children, and a (seemingly) devoted husband. But after enduring a traumatic and unexpected divorce along with her mother’s cancer diagnosis, Wendy’s entire world was rocked to its core. It was in that dark moment when she decided to screw the “poor me” attitude, and allow her sass to emerge alongside her class.

Leveraging decades of experience as a mentor, problem-solver and strategic thinker, Wendy followed her heart and rebooted her career. She transformed her mission into being a Divorce Recovery Specialist with the goal of helping divorced women boost their confidence and sense of self through her proven, first and only Divorce Rehab™ program.

Lessons We Learned

Now we certainly don’t condone divorce and the glorious mess that comes along with it. But here are a few things we do want you to take note of, regardless of what you’re going through right now:

Don’t look for instant gratification from sudden shifts in your life. Be PATIENT.

Things don’t happen to you. They just happen. Turn your vulnerability into POWER by finding the silver lining in your situation.

LISTEN to the universe. Dire circumstances can often mean that it’s time to pivot and move to another direction. Oftentimes, they are not what we expect, but they are what we are meant to do.

Wallowing in negative spaces can be familiar and convenient. But you DON’T have to. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Acknowledge the NOW. And look to the FUTURE. Set small, clear goals and work towards those goals one day at a time.

Our Message…

If this talk speaks to you or if you have a friend in the same space right now, BE KIND. Pass the message along and reach out to Wendy.

“You always have the power to change your life and make different choices.”

Growth hurts and it’s certainly not comfortable. But it’s not impossible. Hold your head high and power through! You deserve BETTER.

Now. Go grab a glass of wine, clean up that mess and start anew.

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