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Episode 13 – Self Care So You Can Care For Others

Welcome to a special 2-part episode with Dr. Jerrica Dodd -- Consultant Pharmacist, Health & Wellness Advocate, National Speaker, Author, Coach and Founder of JerricaSpeaks.

I met her at the recent Superwoman Summit where not only was I blown away by her talk, but also connected with her on a deeper level. Today, she talks about how going back to basics can help us find our center and make us more capable of serving our loved ones -- remembering how to take care of ourselves.

Jerrica, much like many of us, didn’t realize that her body was calling for help until she discovered that needed to have brain surgery in 2015. After recovering, she quickly slid back to her old ways of being overworked and putting everybody before herself.

When something becomes urgent, we tend to turn our sights to it. But as soon as it’s over, we revert to our old habits and go back to doing what is familiar.

Her message resonates with many men and women out there who have failed to prioritize themselves for the longest time.

Even more so as leaders, entrepreneurs and family makers, we worry about our families at home and at work. But at some point, we need to understand that if we don’t take ourselves offline, then there’s a 100% chance everything could come to a crashing halt.

You could be risking yourself if you don’t.

Beginning With The End in Mind

It is as Stephen Covey puts it. Jerrica talks about how reverse-engineering your mindset can help you with this self-care process.

Instead of fashioning our lifestyles around working for the life that we want to have, why not live the life that you want to have and do your work around it?

With that, I leave you with these questions to ponder upon:

*What do I want my life to look like?
*Do I have time for the things that matter to me?
*If I don’t have anything to give myself, what is it that I can give to *my children? To my spouse? To my parents? To my clients?

We’ll see you on Part 2 of Self Care So You Can Care For Others, as we answer these questions and talk more about how to ease ourselves into this process of self prioritization.

Till next time!

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