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Episode 14 – Self Care So You Can Care For Others – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Self Care So You Can Care For Others.

We’ve talked about being able to PAUSE.

It’s very important to have some quiet time...some alone time.
If your mind is not where you need it to be, then you are still no good.
One way of being able to do this is by making sure that the beginning and end of your day is anchored to an activity that keeps you centered and reminded of who you are and where your faith is -- It can be meditation, journaling or just simply a moment of tranquility.

As my aunt Charlotte said, “Every good book has margins.”

In order for us to be able to write the good books for our lives, we should leave enough space for delight and unexpected things. If we drag ourselves all the way to the edges, we may never get this chance.

To help with this, Jerrica advises her clients by “Walking It Out”. It’s an exercise where you play out the worst case scenario of a problem in your head, and verbalize how you would react to it when it happens.

Most of the time, our worries revolve around, “What will people think?” “What happens if I fail?”

Here’s the most important lesson: What people think or failing in something will not kill you!

Celebrate your mistakes and realize that you have won, because you have learned something.

Final Lessons from Jerrica
In business, you will never reach your full potential if you don’t prioritize yourself. Your physical, mental, spiritual health all matter.
Being able to serve and help other people are noble intentions. But…
“I am best when I prioritize myself.”
And whatever it is that you decide to do right now and whatever challenges you are facing…
“Live your life.”
Stay tuned for Episode 15 on Friday!

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