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Episode 18 – Small Talks, Big Profits

Dennis Cummins is a serial entrepreneur, real estate and financial investor who believes that the secret to being successful and happy in life is not to work harder but to work smarter.

What do you mean by non-professionally speaking?

Non-professional speaking is a conversational way of speaking that drives value and action. Learning how to do small talks can create tremendous profits for your business or product.
What is one thing about developing a signature talk or some type of go-to topic that you are able to deliver in that form that translates that over to the personal side?

Authenticity - The story needs to be true and authentic for the person delivering it so I never want to teach people that I work with, how to talk like me. Nobody is the same.
Confidence - People buy your confidence. Say something true, say something of value that’s authentic for who you are, but do it confidently.

Mechanics and the Mechanic
The Mechanics are the ‘how-to’ stuff, the order in which things happen, the understanding, the steps, processes and the order in which things go.

The Mechanic is about the individual, who do you need to be when you are standing up in front of a room, to have that confidence, to be compelling, to be believable, to be someone that people will want to learn from, or perhaps buy from or follow or become part of your community and it depends on a number of things.

“Who you are is the determining factor in how well what you do works.”

It starts with THE MECHANIC.

Why do people not use speaking as a major business builder?
Fear. What-ifs. what if this person’s life is ruined because they have never heard of you? More people will get involved if they realize how powerful it was and what a difference they can make. Fear goes away with knowledge. Fear is very often caused by uncertainty. When you understand that there is a very clear, very effective, simple, reproducible system that you can use to generate a talk on any subject at any time

What is the biggest mistake people make when talking about their business?
They tell people what they do. People want to hear about what you do that would benefit them.
Why selling is important and how do you get over the resistance to doing it?
The resistance to selling is because people are afraid of being judged and they are afraid of rejection.
It’s your job to offer what you have and it is your job charge for that. If you don’t assign a value to it, no one else will.


Be super clear and confident of the value you are delivering.

Be passionate about your product and polished in your presentation.

Passion wins every day, you can be fumbling with words but when they feel the excitement with what you do and your product, they’ll buy into your excitement and they will not worry about your delivery.


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