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Episode 23 – From Real to Red Carpet

Joining me in this episode is make up and brand consultant, Miles Berdache. He shares a preview of his Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast video series, a 4-video series that talks about the important elements and steps to help women express their “Visual Message” across.

What is a Visual Message?
“To me is really being in alignment with who your target market is.” - Miles
If you're a fitness instructor, and your goal is to attract CEO business type clientele, you're probably not going to look like Lady Gaga in your video.
However, if your target market is millennials who like Lady Gaga, you might want to look like Lady Gaga in your video. So your visual message is really dependent on who you're trying to attract and how you do it. It's one thing to have wild, outrageous, fun makeup. There's always a time and a place for that. But it may not be the time and the place for your business if your goal is to attract clients who are completely on a different wavelength.

Forbes magazine put out a study that only 7% of our message is our message. 35% is our tone and how we deliver our message. 55% of the decision process to do business with us is based on our appearance and our body language. More than half of why people are making a decision to do business with you is based on how you're visually representing what you're doing.

People are choosing to do business with you, so you are the brand. One of the best books I think I've ever read was ‘Be Your Own Brand’ by David McNally and Carl D. Speak.

Mistakes That People Do In Their Videos
With makeup and hair, I think the biggest mistake that a lot of people are making is they're just not doing it. They think that they can get away with this whole authenticity. The lights are going to completely wash you out so the makeup is actually used to bounce information back to the camera. There's all science behind makeup and what it does for the camera and it's based on the light.

Miles’ Advice on Evaluating Your Visual Message
The number one thing to do when you're evaluating your visual messages: really work backwards. Take a look at who your ideal client is, and what they may be looking for.
And then ask yourself, is that how you're being representing yourself? I think that's the number one thing I would tell your listeners is to just really make sure that you are aligning your message with not only your brand but your ideal client!

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