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Episode 28 – Alright, This One’s Personal: How I Deal With Unsurety… And yes, It’s a Word!

This will all blow over... NOT.

When my daughter told me to buy masks at the start of this COVID-19 outbreak, I chalked it up to her conspiratorial tendencies. Wow was I wrong. I think I am just now beginning to fully process the implications of thispandemic we are going through.

In this episode, I discuss the unique challenges Admin Prestige faces as a B2B agency, and how I’ve tried to create meaningful, empathetic content in the face of so much unsurety (I just learned that IS a word). I talk about my personal struggle trying to overcome depression, fear, and anxiety relating to the economic downturn and what is on the other side for small businesses, including myself.

But - not all is doom and gloom, I consider how this pandemic has brought to light some baggage that I need to pack up and ship. I’ve taken some time to get organized: both in head and home. This extra time has allowed me to sit through a lot. I’ve revisited project management software, cleaned out my home office space (Shout out to Amy Woidtke, my clutter-busting fairy), and dealt with emotional baggage. Whew, it’s a lot. I know.

I want to encourage you that whatever your process is... it’s valid. If that means throwing yourself into work, do it. If that means laying on the couch because you can’t really function in this chaos, I totally get it. This is a challenging stage in our lives. We are probably all going through it right now, but we have to focus on the good that comes of this situation: the intentionality of cultivating relationships, the novelty of managing routines, -and hopefully getting to know ourselves just a little bit better.

Even if you’re struggling right now (mentally, physically, emotionally...), try to ask: what is one good thing that I can make out of this?

I think the ultimate lesson here is this: Yes, it is painful to face these challenges. But your approach to dealing with them can affect whether they are worth it- or not.

My take: we’re going through it anyway - try to make the hardships worth it.

If you are in the depths of despair... connect with me for any number of resources. I want to help you anyway that I can. It’s my calling to serve you with heart.

If you are in the depths of despair... connect with me for any number of resources. And if you aren't part of the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group yet, feel free to join and be part of the fun and support too!

Thank you for allowing me to be real and vulnerable in this episode. It was a doozy!


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