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Episode 3 – Next Level Rapport

On the 3rd episode of Client Experience-Revolution with Riah Gonzalez, Riah discusses all things rapport with guest speaker, Adriana Perezchica -- a leading licensed real estate broker who has been in the industry since 2005 and is known for her proven sales and track record. Clients and real estate professionals alike seek her out because of her commitment to excellence and knowledge of the real estate industry.

Adriana shares her tips on building rapport with clients and maintaining relationships, setting goals, as well as how to ignore the naysayers and pursue your dreams.

Adriana believes that passion and desire are not enough-- we also have to have tactics, education, and business plan. She shares the most challenging thing about building rapport for her, which is that, “People don’t think of you as much you think they do.(16:23)...The most work comes from behind the scenes -- having a system. It is a bridge to go into relationships. Look how you can help. There’s nothing better than understanding their needs. Ask a lot of questions. Guide them because they need help.”

When asked about the best advice given to her (17:14), she said, “Don’t try to do it all on your own. Ask questions. Find mentors. Look for either people or books, and look for answers.” She recommends books by Napoleon Hill. “If you really want it with all your soul, you’ll find a way.”

Adriana’s philosophy in real estate --” When you make a decision, you need to make an educated decision. And that’s what we are here for.”

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