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Episode 30 – Working through Wounds to Realign with Your Professional Path

Feeling stuck and stalled out lately? That feeling could be attributed to hidden trauma and wounds that are unknowingly keeping you from reaching your full potential.

This week, I had a heart-to-heart with Monique Gaffney, a core wound healer and purpose guide who helps professional women to get unstuck by digging deeper to heal their core wounds.

Core wound: a person, place, time, and/or event that completely shifts the trajectory of our lives. It could be trauma, limiting beliefs, or a series of actions.

A core wound is that it is something that informs our actions, feelings, and ultimately inhibits our success.

I first started working with Monique recently, and noticed an immediate change in the way I was able to resolve a deep, internal conflict with one of my family members.

Monique shares with us why so many people are missing out on the healing required to move past and a lot of it has to do with quick fixes, shortened process, and

In other words…

“Band aids don’t fix bullet holes” - Taylor Swift

Luckily, in this episode we go through some ‘soul surgery’ so you can get on the right path to holistic healing and reach your full potential.

Are you ready to work? In this episode we discuss:
Why personal development and self-help is NOT the answer
Breaking through glass ceilings
Healing forward so we can lead and empower others
The false metrics of success
Why self-image is so important
The power of authenticity
How compartmentalization is self-defeating
Releasing our burdens
The biology of trauma
Reversing generational wounds
Monique’s insights about networking marketing
And MORE! You don’t wanna miss this episode.
A lot of the times, we get in our own way (intentionally or not) through self-sabotage.
But the minute we begin the work to uncover those deep, hidden core wounds we shift our energy, stop that destructive cycle, and allow for our glory to shine through.

Remember, if we fight for our limitations, we get to keep them. So let’s make a promise to fight for our strengths, for our potential and unique qualities.

A first step to healing is to be vulnerable. I created a Facebook group solely for badass women to feel free and inspire each other to move forward. Join with the link below.

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