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Episode 31 – Find Your Purpose to Reignite Your Life

The average lifespan of women in the US is 83.3 years. And that's a pretty long time to be living your life like it's well, average.

Dr. Kim Warren-Martin is on a mission to help professional, burned-out women reignite their light and reclaim their life purpose.
Dr. Kim's love and vigor for life is infectious, but in the podcast, she shares that it wasn't always that way. She had to go through her own professional journey to realize that her ladder of success was against the wrong wall.
Sometimes, we hinder our own progress to purpose because we feel a sense of guilt or obligation due to our success. Deceptively good-natured and well-intentioned thoughts and beliefs like "Well, I need to support my family!" or, "I've made it this far, I can't quit now..." or, "This is good work!" may be all true, but Dr. Kim urges us to reconsider if they are true for US. As we discuss in the podcast, don't believe everything you think.
Now, Dr. Kim develops methodologies alongside her clients to help reignite their light and find the correct avenue for passion love their life again. Repeat after me: I will learn to not settle. I am worthy of joy, love and abundance!

In this episode we discuss so many gems, including:
How to overcome the guilt and isolation associated with success
A critical lesson in professional courage and audacity
What it means to 'count the cost'

PRO-tire or RE-tire?

The difference between being comfortable and 'comfy' (which is better)?
The impact of our three stages of life
How to avoid regret on your deathbed
The power of our thoughts on our identity

The 3 core questions: Who am I? What do I want? Why do I want it?
Core identity versus role-playing
Developing a guiding 'North Star' to inform aligned decision-making...
And a great quote:

No [woman] has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind [her] distinct and legitimate reasons for having gone through it. - George Washington Carver

Dr. Kim is an inspiring storyteller and I learned so much from hearing about her experiences. I'm inspired to evaluate the areas of my life where I am unfulfilled. What are some of yours? Let's chat and hold each other accountable! Share in our Facebook group

Let's all reignite our lights (and lives) in 2020, friends!




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