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Episode 32 – “I like your earrings!” and Other Social Media Content Strategies That Work!

Posting on social media is so much fun on a personal level. But when the demands of posting as a business catch up with us, it becomes a scene of drudgery and you find yourself avoiding those apps because you just can't do it anymore! When the stuff that used to be fun is now downright uninspiring , what do we do?

Today we have the sensational Caroline Thompson from Social Granola.

Caroline shares her tried and tested processes to see us through our content creation process and basic strategies for social media. Here's a quick lowdown:

Be in tune with your brand. Know your voice, your values and your vision.

Understand why you're posting on social media.

Gauge your audience and which platform they can be found in, Maybe your current platform isn't where your ideal audience lives?

Find a VA that understands your company and your brand. Don't settle for help if it strays away from what you stand for.

Find inspiration from other areas of your life. What are you interested in? Do you like astrology? Pull inspiration from there.

Ask your audience. Lower the barrier to entry by making engagement easier for them. Create polls instead of questionnaires.

Gary Vee's 1.80 Strategy - works every time!

Engagement means communicating with your audience on a regular basis. Connect with people that you like!

We all love to be complimented. Why not give out some compliments when engaging? You can make a new connection, a new friend or maybe even a new client!

And the most important things to keep in mind:

Be Genuine
Be Sincere
Be Relatable
Be You

The best way to finding content and finding the energy to re-engage is to take a step back and stop for a while. There's no shame in being "social media silent" for a while when you can come back with a louder and clearer voice. Try it!

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