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Episode 35 – Part 1: Today is my January 1st: The Secret to Unlimited Sales

Have you ever had that "never again" moment in life? When you come home and there's no power in the house? When you have to lie to family about your situation? When you feel like a burden to those you love because of your mistakes?
Coach Che Brown hated selling but soon realized that he needed it to succeed. And while money is not everything, it is important to "never run out of money."
And in this episode, he teaches us exactly how to achieve that."The more sales you make, the more money you get!" as Che empasized.
So how do I get more money?
"Don't chase the money. Add value and the money will chase you." In other words, how can I be the Tylenol to someone's headache?
In Che's favorite words, "People will pay you today if you help them solve a problem today!"
And I absolutely agree!
He teaches us further about problem solving and overcoming objections using the 4s method. Che is on FIRE and he's sharing that high energy y'all!
I won't spoil the fun by writing them down here. Get to know Che and learn all about his sales secrets today. Dig in!


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