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Episode 36 – Create Your Own Superwoman Everyday

Believe it or not, Jessica Samson struggled with weight in her "past life". And being the superwoman that she is, she used this challenge to turn her life and her habits around.
Now, Jessica is on a mission to end restrictive diets forever, make you lose those love handles and give you back that energy that you had in your 20's!
So how do we works towards being the superwoman that we deserve to be? How do we feel good and fall in love with ourselves again? Jessica shares some of her strongest strategies:
1. Planning - From the moment you wake up, you begin making decisions for the day and for yourself. By the end of the day, you've made thousands of decisions and you experience decision fatigue. Establishing routines and planning for the future WILL RELIEVE YOU of a lot of stress.
2. Keep it simple - There's no need to go into macro computations or 6 small meals a day. There are ways to keep eating delicious food and exercising everyday without over complicating our lives.
3. Enjoy your life and have fun - it's not always about weight. It's about WELLNESS.

"One step at a time. Brick by brick. Go 45 miles per hour instead of going 100 miles an hour." This is Jessica's philosophy.

Before you know it, you've laid down the foundations for a mindful and beautiful life.

You can do it!


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