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Episode 37 – Delegate That Sh*t!

There are four questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding to delegate a task. And this is going to look like a long list of questions, but you'll be glad you asked yourself:

*WHY (is it important)? - Do you want to delegate to save time? Reduce stress?
* WHAT (can you delegate)? - Social media management? Bookkeeping? Customer Service?
*WHO (is going to do the work?) - do you want to sign an employee or hire an independent contractor? Do you want to outsource or go domestic? How much can you afford?
*HOW (do you find that somebody)? - What websites or methods can you use? Do you do it yourself or get an agency to do it for you?

I've obviously asked myself these questions a lot of times and I've found the perfect balance. No matter what stage you are in your business, you can't do it all and THERE IS help that you can afford.

If you ever need someone to walk you through the whole process, I'm your person!

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