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Episode 39 – Designing Your Company Culture With Heart

Gabriela is the founder of Calibrated Leadership. They know that behind every winning leader there is a winning team, behind any successful business there is unified effort and desire for excellence.
Whether you come from a corporate or a small business backdrop, Gabriela believes that the DEDICATION with which you lead plays a very important important part.

We got a handful of valuable leadership insights from Gabriela. Check out the rest of them and listen in to see what we learned about each of them:

1. The resume doesn't always indicate success
2. Hiring doesn't end after an employee has joined
3. Humans crave validation but rewards and recognition are the in short supply in organizations
4. Leadership does not start with "I"
5. "Tailorism" -- does it work?
6. CRMs are for your employees too!

Employees see it when you are in or out of touch with what matters to them. It's easy to forget about these tiny things when we are pressed for results.
It's important to remember that there are human components to leadership that we always have to be aware of.
As Gabriela reminded us, "Bring curiosity to your leadership and do not be afraid to try new things, taking into account the dynamics of your organization."
And..."When you set your mind to doing something, do it well!"


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