Project Description

Episode 4 – Authenticity! The Signature Statement is YOU!!

In this episode we will discuss:

Image consulting — story on how Erin became “The Wardrobe Therapist”
Women empowerment, self discovery and self care
Impact of clothing and one’s energy in making an impression and a statement
Building one’s confidence and on being your true authentic self
What it’s like working with women especially people in the LGBTQ community

@8:48 “Women’s style statement are just two or three words. Words are used as a talisman to conjure up a very clear image or vision on your mind. So that when you choose clothing or when you get dressed you hold an image on your mind and you say “this is an alignment with that, this is the image I want to perceive and this is
who I wanna be when I walk out the door.” — Erin Keam

@10:20 “This is not about our body being out of alignment with what the world says. It’s really about how we package ourselves in a way that is loving and kind and highlights what is good about our body instead of hiding behind clothing.” — Riah Gonzalez

@14:09 “It’s about creating an environment in which your message will get through

without any static or any distractions and will convey that that message is authentic and as true to yourself.” —Erin Keam

@14:22 “They don’t tend to buy your products. They tend to buy your energy.” — Erin Keam

Best advice Erin’s ever been given @16:23 “There is enough time, money and love.”

Best advice from Erin for women in the business world @18:29

“If you’re in business think about three words that define your brand and look at the clothes in your wardrobe and see if they live up to that brand."

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