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Episode 40 – Money Mindset and Practical Moolah Tips

Money represents different things for different people. To some, it may mean choice -- the ability to choose what makes you happy and what will make you feel fulfilled. To others, it may mean time -- more time for themselves, for family and for the things they love.

Today, we have Beth Hostetler. When she shifted from being a CPA and went into Core Wound Healing, everybody went, "What?"
But she stuck to her guns. And she is a great example of how the right mindset can bring you the right results!

Beth believes that, "If your belief system does not align with the actions that you want to perform, then it will not work at all."

But before starting with an entirely new belief system, we need to deconstruct our older ones. The most common questions that women ask about money and their journey to entrepreneurship and independence are:

1. Can I really get paid to pursue my passion?
2. If it's deductible, should I buy it?
3. How can I spend responsibly?
4. Should I really get a bookkeeper?
5. Should I be proud of working too much?
6. Can I allow myself to be proud of my achievements and my earnings?
7. What kind of business should I register as? Can I change it later on?
8. How can I improve the way I receive money?

In today's episode, Beth answers all these questions and gives us practical and solid moolah tips from her own experience. And not just that, Beth encourages us to pursue our passions and find the value in investing in YOU...being YOU.

As she would fondly say, "It's time to be YOU. It's safe to be YOU."

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