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Episode 41 – Accountability: A Gentle Butt-Kick Towards Success

Accountability -- Do we crave for it? Or do we resent it? What does it mean for us?

Seeing too many women give up on their dreams gave Viktoria the drive to take action and make a difference. This is how she developed her BlockBuster™ Accountability Program.

Each person requires a different approach when it comes to understanding and achieving accountability. Viktoria has the perfect approach for each one.

In this episode, Viktoria Talks about:

- The Real Meaning of Accountability
- The Importance of Accountability in Your Business
- What the Accountability program is about and Who It Is For
- What the BBA Can Do For You
- The SOPS Method
- How You Can Get Started

At the end of this conversation, my biggest takeaway was what Viktoria said in the beginning, "Being accountable for someone other than yourself moves you."

And true enough, remembering that we do the things we do for the people in our corner gives us the energy to go forward.

Think of all the people who support you and who mean the world to you. Take a deep breath and say, "Accountability is my friend."

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