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Episode 42 – The Secret to Maximum Productivity

Audra understands the responsibilities of being a teen mother, single mother and now a wife and mother of six children. She's an entrepreneur of multiple businesses and she's also passionate about helping women across the world shift into peaceful productivity.

Today, we break down mental load on women in their professional, family and personal life. Audra believes that it is crucial for a woman to have a support team, or ways to reprieve from the chaos. Because if she doesn't, it could cause burnout and anxiety.... so how can a woman pick herself up?

We will talk about these overarching points and Audra tells us exactly what we have to do to reach peaceful productivity.

* Drink from your own cup
* Hold your family accountable too
* You don't have to do everything
* Honesty and transparency
* Self care does not have to be complicated
* The power of delegation

At the end of this episode, we learn that it is okay to say NO to others so you can say YES to yourself. When you begin to think of yourself as someone who is worthy, it is much easier to arrive at a place where you feel comfortable being in control and being able to share control at the same time.

Listen in as Audra bares the tried and tested strategies she used in order to succeed (while running a business, taking care of her family and keeping her mental, physical and emotional wellness intact) so we can do the same too!

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