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Episode 43 – Don’t Just Survive — Thrive! A Woman’s Guide to Uncovering HER TRUE WORTH

As an Author, Speaker and Coach for more than 24 years, Michelle has been helping women transform their lives by embodying their true self-worth, skyrocketing their self-confidence and busting through their financial glass ceiling on their terms!

Women working with Michelle shed their self-doubt, imposter syndrome and fear of inadequacy and learn to trust their intuition that leads them to greater wealth on their terms.

Michelle breaks the mold for us and teaches us that we are WORTH IT and that we are VALUABLE no matter what female shape, color, and size we are.

Today we'll learn the impact of:
1. Speaking up - Gone are the days when we allow ourselves to listen to "Don't say anything, just do it!"
2. Standing up for ourselves. There is no need to constantly prove yourself. It leads to burnout, anger, lack of connection and that just won't cut it!
3. Celebrating our wins and what we have ACHIEVED and SURVIVED!

Michelle also helps us understand that we need to become our greatest fan, our greatest ally, and our best support. And that we only receive the amount of support that we're willing to give ourselves.

Times are changing and so should our internal landscape.

"Stop doing the invisible work invisibly!"

Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, start showing up for yourself and get that sh*t! You got it, mama!

To kicking ass and showing up,



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