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Episode 44 – Dating and Achieving Career Success: Not As Different As You Think

Heidi B is the girlfriend who tells you what you need to hear!

She believes that love and intimacy are accessible for everyone. But they won't come easy!

Heidi "slaps" women with hard-core realizations that force them to look at themselves and how they are behaving and choosing men. In the process of doing so, Heidi creates a journey of expansion and self-discovery for her clients.
And this extraordinary soul-level work isn't just for relationships. They also apply to improving work-life, careers and bad habits.

She teaches us these universal truths that are true about dating and our careers:

*Red flags are there for a reason - don't avoid them! Pay attention.

*Just because you made a bad choice, it doesn't mean that you have to go down with it. Have faith and rise above it.

And most importantly....

*YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR MIND - whether you want to get out of a job, a long term relationship or an uncomfortable situation. You can always change your mind.

Thank you for the truth bombs, Heidi B! You absolutely rock! And to all the women out there, buy the book! #trustme

To finding ourselves and owning it,



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