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Episode 46 – Dream, Declare, Deliver!

Cristie is a sommelier, wine educator, creator of The Online Wine Course for Beginners, and President of The United Sommeliers Foundation.

At such a young age, Cristie has already achieved her dreams and she's not stopping there! She is the perfect example of how it is to have a vision, going from clarity, imagining ideal life and going towards that goal to achieve raging success!

The Cristie Norman Way:

1. #manifestthatshit - don't think about the obstacles that you will encounter. Immerse yourself in the work that you have to do and you won't even have time to doubt yourself. Before you realize it, you've already gone further!
2. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback - getting feedback every chance you get ensures that you find out what your audience wants so you can deliver exactly what it is that you have to deliver!
3. Create an evergreen product and if you can, give a part of it for free - When you provide value without asking for anything in return, people will follow you and will want to be in your community. Nothing beats creating new clients than creating a loyal community of followers.
4. Every interaction should be treated with positivity and respect - All messages you receive should be treated with equal importance because you never know who's at the other end of the line.
5. Outsource the things you hate - Make a list. And anything that you don't like doing or is taking up so much time and space for you, let someone else do it for you and take back your energy.
6. 100% commitment is easier than 99% - Do something and do it with everything that you have so you can get it done on time!

As Cristie puts it, "It's never going to be perfect...but just go ahead and start with it!"
If you have a product that's perfect and ready to launch, you've already started too late.
And I know we all have projects at the back of our minds that fall under this exact description. So what are you waiting for? Manifest and work towards that goal, girl!

All the animosity and doubt in the world will have no power over you if you are clear about your dreams, your actions and your delivery!

Do it like, Cristie!



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