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Episode 48 – Franchising: Business for Yourself, But NOT By Yourself

Many have been forced to pause their dreams and their aspirations because of the pandemic. Now they are on their search for "what next."

The majority of us think that you have to be rich to afford a franchise, or that Real Estate and the stock market are the only ways to invest!

Well man, have we got some big news for you!

Franchise ownership allows someone to build an asset that creates important tax shelters, be in control, create a work/life balance and hire others in their community to create a legacy.

Careyann Golliver is known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™. Her greatest passion is helping people to take the leap into franchising.

Careyann knows first hand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to go at it alone. With the assistance of Careyann and Franchise Logic as your franchise guide, she has mastered a process that not only helps people find their perfect franchise match but allows for abundant possibilities.

After working with thousands of happy business owners, she has found 3 consistent critical success factors for everyone: Passion, Process, and abundant Possibilities.

Stay tuned as Careyann shares how she started and how well her case studies have done since they started in franchising.

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