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Episode 50 – Find Your Biz BESTIE

Today's episode is such a special one.

And no, I'm not turning 50 but it is Client Experience Revolution's 50th episode! And it's such a beautiful number to see.

We've come a long way and who better to celebrate this episode with me than my biz bestie Monique Gaffney!

Today, we celebrate friendship and all of the many beautiful wonders of finding a BBF - Business Best Friend.

A BBF supports you, calls you out on your bullsh*t and shares all of your wins -- no agenda, no jealousy involved.

And hey, we also talk about all the ways we promote each other's business within our overlapping circles. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two that you can do with a friend too?!

My dream is to build my empire, I'm sure it is yours too. What better way to rule your business universe than with someone who reciprocates the same energy that you have for your business.

Let us share this beautiful moment with you...

To friendship,



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