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Episode 53 – Digital Nomad: Business on the Road

What does it mean to live in your own terms?

To Christina, of Christina Davis Coaching, it meant not having to be told what her hours were and how many vacation days she could have in a year.

And one fateful day, she decided to choose the life that she had dreamed of. She booked a flight to Hong Kong and never looked back.

Join me in today's episode as we dive into the world of living and thriving as a digital nomad. What does it take to start and stay? How do you succeed?

Fast forward to today, Christina is now a certified coach and spends her time writing or coaching, when she's not travelling. She shares very important points about:


Logistics (and visas!)

Overcoming obstacles

and how beautiful it is to see the world we live in!

If you're not a home body and your ultimate dream after winning the lottery is to travel the world, this is for you. You don't need to win the lottery. This is your ticket to fly!

To living life anywhere you want to,



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