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Episode 54 – Project LAUNCH! Innovation and Exploration of Product Sales

Christie has been leading people and building companies for over 25 years. With experience in lifting companies from nothing to millions in revenue, building and scaling global teams with hundreds of team members and serving as an executive in companies with thousands of people… there isn’t a lot she hasn’t seen.

Today, Christie takes her lifelong study of emotional intelligence paired with her habit of building successful businesses and shares her secrets to innovating and launching a product that sells!

And we don't have to sell mascara or jewelry, maybe you're thinking of a course or an e-book in the future. Why not get some free advice from someone who's done it AND MADE IT! We won't spoil it here because the journey is just too precious -- listen in till the end.

But here's what we want to leave you with: Authenticity is still your best weapon 🤍

To the courage to launch,



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