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Episode 59 – Shoulders Back, Heart Out – The Revolution New Years Edition

My life was saved this year. And I'll tell you all about that in this episode, but before that... how are you, friend?

You've heard bits and pieces of my story throughout this podcast and in social media. But here I am sharing the uncut version.

This I know to be true: I will never be the same again.

Allow me to round up this year's Revolution by telling you all about my lowest and highest points and what I did to get to where I am today.

Was it pretty? No. Was it worth it? Hell, yes!

And before you dive in, I'd like to do a tiny exercise with you so we can all go into this episode with intention. Tell me: What word would describe what you want your 2021 to be?

I want all of us to prosper next year. I want all of us to unstoppable! LET"S DO IT!

To setting our intentions and reaching for the stars,




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