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Episode 60 – The Business Behind Business: You get a VA! and You get a VA! and You get a VA!

You probably don't know John. But you've heard of outsourcing to the Philippines. Well, he's the master of it!

When I asked John how he would describe himself, here is what he sent me:

1. I'm not employable. The work -> salary incentive doesn't work for me.
2. I really like to ride my bike, backcountry ski, and run with my wife.
3. In the 17 hours/week that I work, I manage my team of amazing Filipino workers.
4. I founded and run

So cool, right? Here's more.

John has been where we are now. He quit his office job armed with the dream of working less as he ventured into working for himself.

But he found that he was working even more! What started as an accidental action to free up time for himself, turned out into this amazing platform of super star Filipino workers where we can find the BEST people to help us out with the things that we want done, and the things that we hate doing!

This is a golden success story of how one man built his team, grew his business, achieved his financial goals while WORKING LESS than all of us.

And if there's one thing that I wish you would take away from this episode, it's this:

- If you think you can't afford a VA, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!
- If you think you are taking advantage of VAs because their rates are lower than what you would pay local, YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN.
- If you've tried but feel overwhelmed with the hiring process, reach out to me. We'll have a chat and see if we can help you out through our VA Matchmaking service.

Our VAs are kick ass individuals who are happy to to be working for us while they stay at home and build the life that they envision, all the while helping us build our businesses and allowing us to find the time to do the things we love. Isn't it beautiful?

To us and our Filipino VAs,



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