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Episode 63 – Multi-Level Magnificence: Thriving in Your Side Gig

You, as a person, deserve recognition for your hard work. You deserve to feel like you belong. You deserve to feel like it's okay to be you.

Don't you agree?

LaShawn certainly does. LaShawn is a health and wellness promoter and is one of the leaders in her company. And I learned a lot about Multi Level Marketing from her than I ever did in all my years of being an MLM lover and kit hoarder.(wink wink!)

Here's the thing, not all of us want to belong to corporate America. Some of just want to be part of a community where we can belong and fit in without forgetting who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

In today's episode let's hear LaShawn tell us all about:

* Quality Leadership
* Misconceptions we have about MLM
* Having a Team and Building Connections
* How she approaches the process of inviting people on board
* The value of community and connections

Remember, you are IMPORTANT. And the way you feel and think matters. You deserve to belong in a place where you can THRIVE and live your best life. Now it's time to connect and do something about it. 🧡

To feeling good and being healthy inside out,



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