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Episode 65 – Fükitt: Power of Perspective

Everyone knows the saying “Live life to the fullest” but few really understand what that entails. Most people complain about what’s wrong with their lives but fail to take responsibility for it. Whether in business or in our personal lives, knowing when to say, "F**k it!" and make the necessary changes is the key to growth and fulfillment.

Today's guest will tell us why and when we should say, “F**k it!” and decide to move forward.

Ricardo Zulueta is the founder of Fükitt Clothing (pronounced [foo-kit]), an inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges that are worth the risk.

Ricardo is also an advocate of mental wellness and suicide prevention awareness. His purpose is deeply rooted in losing his brother from suicide. He discovered that what causes mental illness is rarely our circumstances or situations, but by how we perceive what happens to us. Their company theme color is teal, which is the color associated with suicide prevention.

Although pronounced differently, Fükitt acts as a reminder to say, “F**k it!" It acts as a reminder to stop complaining about life, take it less for granted, and take more risks.

Today, Ricardo talks about how important your mindset is for your business and for your mental health, and how making a decision is where it all starts:

* Living life without regret. Just make a decision and everything else will follow

* Having an infinite mindset. Developing a mission or sense of purpose. What is your Why?

* Taking accountability when solving problems. Remedy the cause, not the result.

* Changing your perspective. Your perspectives are always going to be a threat or a benefit to your purpose.

If you find yourself in a loop of self-pity, resentment, anger, or regret, then say, “F**k it!” Shift your perspective, decide where you want to go and why, and just take the steps that will move you towards that direction.

To being proactive in shifting our mindset,



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