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Episode 66 – Listen Up! The art of meaningful listening

In this day and age where freedom of speech and expression is more valued and encouraged than ever, most of us fall into the trap of listening to respond rather than listening to understand. How can we find the balance and connect more with others by talking less and listening more?

“We're all way more aligned than we think we are. We just aren't listening to each other.”

Today’s guest is Lyn Lindbergh. And in this episode, she tells us the value and art of meaningful listening.

Lyn Lindbergh is the founder and creator of, which provides group and one-on-one sessions that aims to help people improve their listening skills as a means to solve the world’s issues while creating deep and meaningful connections.

She is also an award-winning author, blogger, fitness influencer, and host of three podcasts including Listening Skills.

Today, Lyn talks about some of the ways we can listen deeply, intently, and more effectively:

* Absolving judgment; listening to understand
* Put that phone down. Pay attention
* Active Listening. Rephrasing or clarifying points.

If we can speak up about our truths and share them with others, we can also give others the chance to be heard. If people truly know how to listen, most of our global issues would be resolved easily. True connection is founded in mutual respect, and that includes respect for each other’s points of view, even if, and especially when we disagree with them.

To seeking to understand rather than be understood,



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