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Episode 67 – Why no one cares if you’re consistent, and other marketing gems

It can be tempting for small business owners or solopreneurs like myself to jump in the bandwagon of the hottest marketing trend to get ahead. But is it actually bringing valuable results?

Today’s guest is Natalie Swan. And in this episode, she tells us about the misconceptions of marketing ourselves online and what we can do better, and to be able to present ourselves and reach our ideal clients more effectively.

Natalie has 10 years of experience in brand strategy and marketing, with a background ranging from supporting small businesses, to large-scale national & international events, to enterprise-level companies. For nearly four years, she's supported small business owners with marketing by cutting through the common BS advice and being scrappy to get results. Her membership program, the Client Attraction Plan of Action, helps small business owners attract ideal clients who can pay for their services without all the time-consuming marketing strategies.

Natalie delves into these topics on the show:

* Consistency for consistency’s sake -- why it won’t move your business forward
* Repurposing Content -- why it’s not working versus choosing the right platform for your business
* Starting small and simple - Going deeper into relationships you already have
* How to set yourself apart when you’re on a new platform

While most marketing strategies are designed to create the facade that more content or more followers are good for business, at the end of the day, it’s making meaningful personal connections that really go a long way.

To forging genuine relationships with our clients,



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