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Episode 69 – Business after Trauma – Pain with a Purpose

Today’s guest is someone who has a story of triumph over tragedy. Stephanie’s traumatic experience had her rising as a phoenix, finding her purpose in her struggle and helping others conquer theirs.

Stephanie Shaw is the founder of Leigh & Ollie. She took the strategies she implemented to recover from a two-year illness and turned it into a coaching and online education business where she teaches women how to manage their hormones so they can lose weight, have more energy, and slow the aging process.

Stephanie created a protocol, The Mind Body Business Method.

The protocol supports high-performing female divorceés by helping them peel back the layers of why they can’t lose the weight – down to the DNA. As a result, clients build lasting lifestyles of confidence, energy, and a body they deserve.

Stephanie’s Master of Science is from Northeastern University.

She holds a nutrition certification from AHPA and an exercise and nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition.

In this episode, we talked about:

Her Story - how her illness led her to her purpose

Who she was then in the corporate world versus now as an entrepreneur (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)

Hardest part of starting a purpose-led business

On suffering alone

Her experience moving into entrepreneurship and how it has helped others going through similar struggles

“Playing Jenga” (Work-life balance)

Become your own advocate - health is wealth

We all know the saying “If a door closes, another one opens”. And sometimes it’s hard to see the reason why we are suffering, but Stephanie’s story is a testament to the faith we should have in the bigger plan for our pain, so we can rise up and turn it into purpose.

To overcoming struggles and turning it into sacred service,



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