Project Description

Episode 7 – Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! How being an entrepreneur can change your life

In this episode, we will discuss:
The top 3 ways having my own company have changed my life

Increase in Confidence

Never thought I’d be my own boss but Life kicked me in the ass and i had to do it
It cost me a lot in terms of my ego and what I thought was my own ethos in security

It’s about constantly putting myself out there & Having to talk about things that are most important to me
It takes a level of confidence to act as an expert and Getting out of the scarcity mindset

GRIT - good old nitty gritty

You have to be able to fully invest financially emotionally to look in the eyes of insecurity

You have to laugh in the eyes of danger

If you're not confident about the way you look -- STRUT.

I am going to stick it out. I am petrified but Im going to stick it out.

The ability to trust in others

Being able to trust other people is a huge step for me

Let people help you

To be a client experience consultant -- to help them figure out their own processes to serve THEIR clients at the next level.

To be the faith, the relationship of admin prestige. To refer people, connect people, and loving and giving back to the community.

Learned so much from giving things over and Allowing myself to be in my genius zone - connecting with people, teaching, loving and leading

It's hard to say sometimes that we need help…..but when we do allow people in our lives to bless us... the result is way better than what we would have achieved on our own.

“Find the thing that really have changed your life and think about how your business itself translates to the other areas of your life.”

“If you're doing something authentically you, then you will find it will carry over to the other areas of your life.”

“I for one, love what I do and want to stay in that light and be able to continue to love it because that is what will sustain us in the long term.”

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