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Episode 74 – The Return of Roots to Riches

Today’s guest is the Senior Vice President of diverse insights and initiatives at Nielsen Global Media. Her role sits in the intersection of community advocacy and business - what’s valuable for businesses and what’s valuable for our communities.

A researcher, consumer behaviorist, and subject-matter expert for the U.S. Hispanic market, Stacie de Armas has made it her mission to educate the nation and elevate our understanding of the indisputable power and contributions of Hispanic consumers by turning data into insights and relevant stories.

As part of the Nielsen family since 1998, she oversees data collection and analysis on diverse consumer behaviors and media consumption trends; she is also responsible for activating new platforms and research initiatives that allow detailed analysis of diverse representation in advertising and media.

Aside from her dedication to diversity and inclusion within her workspace, Stacie is an advisor on Google’s 21st Century Multicultural Marketing council, as well as the board of directors for the Culture Marketing Council (formerly AHAA).

In this episode, we talked about:

What is Inclusion Analytics and what does it mean for the media industry?

Tv shows, casting and storylines that change narratives and educate on cultural diversity

How what we see on screen inform identity formation & the importance of diversity on screen

How audiences’ media consumption habits been impacted by the pandemic

Stacie’s advice to media companies wanting to reach diverse audiences

Stacie leaves us with this food for thought to walk away from this conversation; “It is a new day.” “...the events of the past two years, have energized communities around seeking and demanding equity... Our communities are coming together. Now, there is a spotlight on these issues. And so you will see action and advancement from both the public and private sector. And for that I say, it is a new day.”


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