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Episode 78 – Let’s get real – Why Entrepreneurs Need Authenticity to Truly Succeed

Authenticity is not only about being fully yourself in all arenas; it's also about letting others have their own experience without making it mean anything about you.

Today’s guest is Danielle Lindblom. Danielle is an adventurer, a badass, and a professional life coach. Her superpower is introducing to people how to create emotional sufficiency for themselves and others.

She helps her clients cultivate comfortable authenticity through learning self-acceptance, courage, and vulnerability. Danielle is neuro-divergent and has a passion for helping other neuro-divergent entrepreneurs create businesses that support their mental health.

In this episode, we talked about:
Why authenticity is so important to for Danielle, and how that has shown up in her life
The concept of emotional sufficiency
How to take authenticity and break it down into things people can actually do

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