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Episode 81 – Need clarity? Time to reinvent your hustle

Building a business that meets your ideal lifestyle is the only way to live. Today’s guest is Kristine Schwartz. In this episode, Kristine discusses her three-step process for gaining clarity in where you want to go.

Kristine Schwartz is a business coach, consultant & public speaker. She activates female, impact-driven brands to confidently build their strategic roadmaps and marketing plans in ways that are uniquely aligned to their greater purpose.

Here are some of the things we talked about on the show:

What made Kristine start Reinvent your Hustle
The vision and why it’s such an important piece in helping clients gain clarity
The three-step process that people can do on their own to get clear on their future.
Once you have identified your vision, what's next? How does one make it a reality?


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