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Episode 83 – Cultural Commerce

Now more than ever people want to feel connected and appreciate the meaning of the things in their life. We have an amazing opportunity to use today's technology to share our stories and inspire others in a more powerful way.

Today’s guest is Wendy Jensen, CEO/founder of Scandinavian Hearts. In 1938 Wendy's grandparents immigrated from Norway and Sweden to Ballard to become a commercial fisherman. Wendy has always been proud of her heritage and traditions growing up in a Scandinavian home.

Wendy has always loved hearts. She's combined her experience in eCommerce and creative skills to build a business where she can share her love of hearts and Scandinavian heritage with the world. Each heart tells a story and provides a meaningful way for people to continue to keep their heritage alive.

Here are some of the things we talked about on the show:

Why Wendy started her business
What her ‘hearts’ represent
Why sharing stories of her culture is important
What impact she hopes to have

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