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Episode 84 – When Sorry is Not Enough: Making Amends

We are having conversations about accountability on the micro and macro levels. Whether it is about racial equity and inclusion, healing childhood traumas, or figuring out how to move on as a team when you screw up on that major project. Being held accountable and holding others accountable is necessary but we haven't seen a whole lot of tools just yet.

Today’s guest is Angie Nuevacamina. After serving her community as a small business consultant and seeing personal development issues play out in business and organizations, Angie Nuevacamina is now focused on educating, training, and developing those who are wanting to navigate a more socially aware world. Growing up in Detroit in a multiracial/Black family, then being able to travel the world,

Angie has a deep understanding of the relationship of micro and macro and how one influences the other. A certified facilitator through the Gottman Institute, Angie understands relationships and the healthy dynamics that allow them to thrive. Whether working with those impacted by human trafficking, young professionals on the come up, enterprise-level teams committed to changing the culture, or parents wanting to do better, she has tools to help them on their way; on their nueva camina.

Here are some of the things we talked about on the show:

● What made her choose to do this work
● What is making amends?
● What accountability is and why it is important to be accountable


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