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Episode 88 – More than you can imagine: A Year in the Life of an Aligned Business

One year ago, amidst the world crisis unfolding as it did, our guest, Monique Gaffney was knee deep in making a big shift in my business. She had a healing modality that she had been teaching and essentially coaching people in that allows them to remember their Purpose and gets them in action in serving in it.
For the years prior to last, she was following the "traditional" coaching/launch model and it just didn't feel good to her. Didn't feel aligned with who she is or what SHE KNOWS she is here to accomplish in the world.
She decided to sign up with a strategy mentor and changed her business model to primarily working with women, while re-building her brand and credibility as a mentor in the MLM space.

Exciting? Learn what else Monique did in the past year and how it helped her personally and her business.

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