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Episode 89 – Mental Illness & Business: Shameful or Superpower?

Mental Health is an issue not to be taken lightly. Someone may look fine, but they may be getting through a battle they don’t even know about.

Our guest, Angelica Gonzalez, experienced this during her grade school years. She always wondered why she got not-so-good results in class even when she exhausted a lot of effort into it. She understood what she was going through when she was diagnosed to have ADHD in 7th grade. As soon she became aware of her mental health, she and the people that surround her helped her cope up with the daily situations that she’s going through. And now she is very good at what she does because she was naturally born to do it!

Angelica is an up-and-coming hairstylist in the Seattle area who believes that you never “just get your hair done.” She believes in creating energizing and healing experiences, leaving her clients confident and happier than before. Graduate of Gene Juárez Academy and an accomplished young entrepreneur, Angelica stands for being who you are - heart scars and all. She teaches others how to persevere through mental battles to unfiltered success.
In this episode we talked about:
· How important it is to be aware of your mental state.
· What external factors can affect mental health.
· How clearing your path and following your own timeframe can help with mental health.
· How support people can help you succeed in your craft.

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